'Drea (placeofinsanity) wrote in myst_library,

Mini Mysterium Boston - the Info Gathering

Shorah Folks!

So, it’s looking more and more like Mysterium won’t happen this year. Rather than sit around waiting for news that will probably never come, a few of us have decided to band together and make something happen! We’re planning a mini-Mysterium in Boston, MA, but we need your input before we can really get planning.

We have two polls up on our site here, and your answers will help us figure out how many people to expect and when people can come. Aka, we need to know if we should book a closet or a palace. So, if you’re interested in attending our version of a Mysterium, please let us know by answering those polls.

The polls will close at midnight on April 16th, so spread the word to your friends. We’ll post more news to the site as we have it.

Oh, and if you like designing things, feel free to start working on t-shirt designs for when we open up that contest.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, presents, fan-mail, spam, or other types of responses, feel free to comment here or on the site. All input is welcome and will help us figure out how to make this crazy thing work!

-M13 (placeofinsanity), Taniith and zib_redlektab
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Awesome, I'm totally there! Anything other than July 4 weekend works for me :)

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help (especially art or memorabilia type stuff).
Yeah it definitely wouldn't be the 4th of July weekend!!

We'll definitely need some help with art and memorabilia stuff. :D I'll get in touch with Zib, Taniith and Tanshin and see what's the what on that account. We'll keep in touch. :D Yay.
I may be able to help with memorabilia too, even though I won't be able to attend. Let me know, ok? :) *totes needs an Anna icon for Myst-related crafts*
oh wow, actually where I live!
Near where I live - such a plus with gas prices the way they are.