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If this isn't Myst, then I don't know what is...

I found this in one of Yahoo!'s photo galleries.  I could see all of these locations as places to explore in the Myst worlds, but whatever, these are fantastic!  Thank you, Jim Kazanjian for creating them!


My favorites are behind the cut:
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Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone still reads this community, but I'll give it a go.

I got a sudden urge to play Riven again, but when I inserted the disk, I was sad to find that it's not compatible with Windows 7. I've tried running it in Compatibility Mode, but it still won't play.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get it to run?
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Finished D'ni Clock

Hey guys, even though no one really posts on here any more I figured I might as well post some fanart I made :p

I finally finished my D'ni clock and took some good, proper photos of it. Enjoy!

(all images linked to their deviantART versions if you're into that kind of thing)

And my Mysterium 2011 paper-person photo:
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Myst games on iPod/iPad devices

I recently got an iPad and I saw they have some of the Myst games (Myst and Riven are what I've searched so far) in the apps store to purchase/download (there is a free Myst game as well).  Has anyone played these versions yet?  Are they worth the time to download/money to pay?
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Mysterium 2011 Update!

Our logo has been chosen! Congratulations to Paul Veloz for creating it. It will be displayed prominently on the back of our t-shirts, which are now available for pre-order as well. You can check out the logo and t-shirt pricing here.

Not exciting enough? How about this: The dA Myst Fanclub has graciously offered to sponsor a weekend registration and a day pass and we will be giving these out in contest form. All you have to do is reply to this announcement post in the next 48 hours to enter.

-The Committee

Go! Magazine - Issue 2 available now!

Go! Magazine - Issue 2

The second issue of Go magazine from the Guild of Messengers is available now! Featuring in-depth articles on the narrative of Myst, Lunanne also details D’ni architecture, while Laughing Pineapple shares another story with an original illustration by Skull Kid. An interview with our very own Tweek sheds some interesting perspective on the D’niverse, and Allatwan takes us on a photo trip through Myst.

 To download the full newspaper in PDF format please follow this link

 Guild of Messengers, serving the Community

 -  Finished Exploring? Come to the GoMe and fill in one of our Articles Writer positions! No Experience Required!-

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Mysterium 2011 - an Announcement

Shorah Again

How have you been? We’ve been *really* busy, preparing some Mysterium news for you!

Mini no more?
Given the numbers we got on our polls, we have decided to drop the ‘mini’. This is now a full-on Mysterium, with support from some members of the normal Mysterium Committee. That said, we are still running from our own website (http://mysterium.zibland.com/), and questions should be sent to our Digital Non-sentient Indicator (or D’NI for short) at committee@mysterium.zibland.com.

Logo Contest
Do you have 1337 art skills? Do you love Amateria? Did you skip those last two questions? Then have we got a contest for you!

The Mysterium logo contest is a go! See mysterium.zibland.com/ for details. The contest runs until May 7th.

Hotel and Dates
We are still working like mad to finalize the hotel details, but we do have a date! Mysterium Boston will take place [b]August 5-7[/b] (that’s the first weekend in August). As usual, there will be an informal hullabaloo on Thursday night for those who are there, but the con itself is Friday-Sunday.

We will open registration once we finalize the hotel. Since people have been asking though, we wanted to cover it here. We are planning to use a similar pricing schedule to recent Mysteriums (Mysteria?). Somewhere around $20 for the weekend, with day passes and probably an early-bird discount.

Got a new age to show? Have you written a dissertation on D’ni architecture through the ages (see what I did there)? Did you re-create the cavern in chocolate? Then why not tell a subset of the world about it by presenting? We are now taking submissions for presentations. Simply send a brief description of the presentation to the committee (committee@mysterium.zibland.com). Presentation submissions are open until June 3.

No longer must you leave Facebook to find out what’s new with Mysterium. Just join the Mysterium Boston Facebook page here for all your Mysterium news.

If you recently found yourself thinking, “gee, I have this money just sitting here. I sure wish I could use it to make Mysterium Boston the very best (like no Mysterium ever was)”... well then you should probably talk to someone about that. But first, click on our fancy new [b]Contribute[/b] button on the right of the site ([url]http://mysterium.zibland.com/[/url]).

Contributions are, of course, totally optional and much appreciated. Even five bucks helps us to cover costs. And we’ll totally find some cool* way to thank you at the con!

*Note: “cool” is a subjective term, subject to multiple definition syndrome.

Potatoes are not related to Mysterium, as far as we know. We’ll keep you apprised of Potato related activities as and if they develop. Please note that the Committee is not responsible for any Potato related accidents that may occur as a result of its actions. Un-registered Companion Potatoes may be euthanized at the discretion of [REDACTED].

As always, please post or email any questions or comments you have about the wonderful world of Mysterium. Until next time,

-The Mysterium Boston Committee