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Imoprtant developments for the Myst movie!

Habemus producers
There you go. Squee at will!

From the Deadline news site quoted in the blog:
Producers Hunt Lowry and Mark Johnson have partnered with Adrian Vanderbosch and Isaac Testerman of Mysteria Film Group.
They produced Donnie Darko and Narnia respectively, among many other. They did it! They did it! :D

More info from the Mysteriacs themselves:
Partnering with production companies like Roserock (Hunt) or Gran Via (Mark), means you will be dealing with developmental executives more frequently than you will with the producers proper.  Busy schedules make it impossible for Hunt or Mark to be involved in the day to day madness until the film actually gets set up at a studio.   They’ve hired guys to help shepherd their projects through the beginning stages.   Those executives are Cory Lanier of Roserock and Tom Williams of Gran Via. 

Yaaaay! *merrily links away to spam elsewhere*
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